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Golden Oyster Mushroom


Enhancing the Golden Colour of the Pleurotus Citrinopileatus

The golden cap of the Pleurotus citrinopileatus is directly related to the intensity of the light within the fruiting chamber. Increase your lighting levels and you will deepen the rich golden colour of the mushroom. Light levels between 500-1000LUX are optimal with no noticeable increase in colour richness beyond 1000LUX.

Golden colour diminishes when strain is over cultured.

Yield Information

The yield potential of the Golden Oyster mushroom are not as high as the Pink Oyster mushroom. Yields are increased greatly by using grain spawn over sawdust spawn when mixing with substrate.

Golden oyster mushrooms take well to cotton-seed adjusted substrates and their yield increases substantially.

First and 2nd flush are generally good harvests, after which yields decrease greatly.


The fruit-bodies of the Golden Oyster mushroom are very delicate and much easier to harvest in clusters. The cultivator should encourage cluster formation where possible.

Selling at Market

Golden Oyster mushrooms are a beautiful looking mushroom that sell well at markets, especially to Asian customers who are more familiar to them. Golden Oysters are suitable for drying (though their lush golden colour diminishes whilst drying).

Medicinal Properties

Pleurotus citrinopileatus is thought to help aid pulmonary emphysema [note]Icons of Medicinal Fungi, Ying (1987).[/note] and much like the similar P. ostreatus, will likely help reduce cholesterol.

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